when the north came to me

by rolleRCoaster

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Максим Фадеев
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Максим Фадеев Very cool band. It has long been following them.greatly pleased this album! Favorite track: fear of beauty.
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all songs written by rollercoaster.
thanks for listening!


released March 13, 2013



all rights reserved


rolleRCoaster город Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

rolleRCoaster is:
evan - vox/guitar
shane - drums
nils - guitar
paul - bass

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Track Name: when the north came to me
wake up!
think in another way
Track Name: our day will come
all, i want it all
this is my design, so don’t ask me any questions
i'm not interested in compromises anymore
keep it for someone else who used to be silent and accept

our day will come

come on!

if you think that's enough - take it
but i will wait,
if you need it - take it
but i will wait

our day will come
Track Name: follow me, bro
listen closely
be shure, i'm right
my voice will reach you
so, you cannot hide

you think we're so blind
to miss the point
of what you've done to
our dying culture

don't fuck with us


break out free
you can't stop me
the world has been sold
but not our souls

fear is your domination
tears of humiliation
your force is unstable
my mind is unbreakable

this is my generation

don't fuck with us
Track Name: fulcrum
look at me i'm broken down
losing any kind of connection

but i'm still alive
tell me is it real right now

what do you say?
message for your memory

look at yourself
you lost hope.
horizon is something you can't touch
but you`re still alive
tell me is it real right now

what do you say?
message for your memory

hit a dead end again
make all the same mistakes
at all times the one truth
(my feelings and my choice – this is my family)
at all times the one truth
(the air that I breathe - this is my family)
Track Name: fear of beauty
and you know that
and you did it
and you wanna get my style
now you know that
now you did it
now you wanna spend my time

in my eyes no one is changing
when i return
i won`t feel better

take and don't give away
play with their feelings again

in my eyes
when i return
i will pay
pay for all

play with whom you want
i don't get involved in these games
Track Name: can't back
I've been waiting for so long
to build a long distance missile.
I'll fly back to where i met
the incredible bright sky
incredible bright eyes

i'm flying towards the changes
and i can't be turned back
Track Name: crushed my life
today is the day when i understand
I trusted in what is not present
why do you spend my time?
three thousand times you crushed my life

now your mad eyes are bright red
so kill me
it's not so easy as you think
So try again

look at yourself
last time for me
what do you see?
why are you different from everybody?

find your life
under the crushing highways
look around, everything is falling
your blindness is only your fault
hold on to nothing
Track Name: valium
i said there's no point
in fooling around
playing with ambitions
joining the crowd
something is missing
in your perfect word
there should be some meanings
but no meanings at all

running for something
trying to get deals
hanging around
with your stupid ideas
surrounded by people
they know what to do
and they know
everything about you

you know
you are here
Track Name: northern stone
no matter what i say
i don’t wanna die
just like you or somebody else
cuz my favorite game Is to survive
i'm going to hit first
my first attack

when you let me know that the time has come
and the distance between us will be reduced
i wish you knew that
i am ready to fight
be careful with me cause you can lose

every fucking thought in your head
gradually kills your mind
i don't wanna understand
why only you can be right

eight months of winter
the cold, darkness and rain
do you want to continue
or simply get out of the window

if you wanna talk about your destiny
Track Name: ...after an easy ending
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
you know it's always
just the matter of trust

the end

my last achievement
is your broken face
i'm you religion
now try to change it

the end of the earth

bury yourself
dead or alive
but build me the temple
spell on me
all of your prayers

all days like one
your faith is done
where else to go
tell me

we hearing all the same words
the end of the earth

in the end
we all are understand
Track Name: like i do
after all this second breath
make me feel like i'm still here

and i need to be so strong
cuz no one will pay for sins
i'll make my choice and my own goal
for those people whom i miss

we will always be greatly missed
by those who have disappeared

plastic world around
they never feel the same
decision of your heart
life without flame

stay alone with your freedom